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Dollar Tree Candy Container Makeover

I love being able to use unex­pect­ed items for decor around my home. Would you believe me if I told you that you can use a plas­tic heart-shaped can­dy con­tain­er from the Dol­lar Tree and make it into a beau­ti­ful sign for your home. It CAN be done and I am here to prove it!. This lit­tle Dol­lar Tree Valen­tine Craft is so easy it will knock your socks off!


  1. Plas­tic Heart Containers
  2. Flo­ral Moss
  3. Small Wood Sign
  4. Let­ter Tiles
  5. Waver­ly Chalk Paint, I am using “Moss”
  6. Waver­ly Antique Wax
  7. Cup of Water/Cloth or Baby Wipe for blend­ing Wax
  8. Rib­bon
  9. Raf­fia
  10. Hot Glue
Dollar Tree Candy Container Makeover

Begin by sep­a­rat­ing the plas­tic con­tain­er. These par­tic­u­lar ones split right down the mid­dle leav­ing 2 bub­ble shaped hearts. This is the foun­da­tion of this adorable Dol­lar Tree Valen­tine craft. 

This step is prob­a­bly the most impor­tant. You will want to paint one half of the plas­tic heart con­tain­er using the Waver­ly Chalk Paint; I am using the moss col­or. This will ensure no red is show­ing through at the end of the project.

Dollar Tree candy container

Once the paint is dry, apply hot glue to the sur­face of the heart and press into the loose flo­ral moss. I did half at a time so I could shape and press the moss into the heart form. You can see this step in the video tuto­r­i­al.

Dollar Store Wood Sign for crafting

Once your heart is cov­ered to your lik­ing, stain your wood sign. This lit­tle sign as 5x5 and costs $3 from the local Dol­lar Gen­er­al. You can def­i­nite­ly use a piece of scrap wood in a pinch. I stained the sign by first dip­ping a rag cloth into water before using the same rag to blend the Waver­ly Antique Wax direct­ly to the sur­face of the wood.

Waverly Antique Wax

Once you have your moss cov­ered heart and sign prepped and ready, it’s time for the mag­ic to hap­pen. Attach your heart t o the cen­ter of your sign using hot glue, and embell­ish with some adorable lit­tle alpha­bet tiles and of course a cute lit­tle bow if you wish.

Wood alpha tiles for a Valentines craft
Dollar store wood alpha tiles
easy dollar tree valentine craft
dollar tree valentine craft

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