Hand-Cut Rustic Christmas Wood Projects

It may been 100 and heck degrees out­side but we have been all out Christ­mas in July this week at the shoppe! It felt so good to get on the saws and let my cre­ativ­i­ty come to light. You all LOVED the kits so much I was able to part­ner up with a local Amish crafts­man to bulk pro­duce these rus­tic Christ­mas wood projects!

I have always been drawn to wood projects but these might just take the cake in the Christ­mas depart­ment. All of these projects were cut using a band­saw and a jig­saw. I’m not say­ing this is the most effi­cient choice of tools but def­i­nite­ly the least intim­i­dat­ing to use if you’re not super com­fort­able in the wood work­ing department.

If cut­ting the wood for your­self just isn’t your thing, that’s ok! I’ve got you cov­ered with our col­lec­tion of hand-cut, made local wood craft kits we can ship right to your door!


After the design­ing of the rus­tic wood Christ­mas projects, comes the craft­ing! I shared each of the projects live on Face­book in hopes of inspir­ing my com­mu­ni­ty to think out­side the box of tra­di­tion­al Christ­mas col­ors and encour­aged them not to wor­ry about per­fec­tion or hav­ing it all fig­ured out before your start. I do have a list of sup­plies and paint col­ors avail­able for you below to get you going.

Paint Colors + Supplies

I high­ly rec­om­mend replay­ing the Face­book videos for these beau­ties! We have had so much fun craft­ing them togeth­er over there and I think watch­ing the cre­ative process unfold can be encour­ag­ing for those just start­ing out or even for the most sea­soned of crafters.


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