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Wood Plank Bunny Spring DIY

From time to time an idea comes to me and it feels too sim­ple to be true. That is exact­ly how I felt when I fin­ished this wood plank bun­ny craft. It start­ed with this sim­ple white­wash pal­let plank from Wal­mart, how­ev­er a sim­i­lar look could be achieved with a piece of scrap wood or even card­board. If you’re like me, you might already have one of these handy lit­tle things in your craft stash. Grab it for this quick and cute Spring project.

whitewash pallet plank

Ok so first things first, I made some whiskers for my wood plank bun­ny using 16 gauge craft wire from the jew­ellery sec­tion at Wal­mart as well. I cut 3 pieces approx­i­mate­ly the same length and twist­ed them togeth­er in the mid­dle before attach­ing them to the wood plank. Once attached, I cov­ered the cen­ter of the whiskers with a paint­ed round knob for the nose.

Then can the ears, which I craft­ed from burlap fab­ric. I sim­ply free­hand drew the ear shape before high­light­ing them with the same “Bal­le­ri­na” pink craft paint by Waverly.

Of course, no bun­ny is com­plete with­out a cute bow on top and that’s is just what this lit­tle gal need­ed. Some scrap fab­ric and a bit of raf­fia and rib­bon and wha-la!

pallet wood bunny diy

For the grand finale of my East­er project, I grabbed a pair of cute lit­tle bun­ny feet — we’re talk­ing about carved wood slices here! I whipped out the hot glue gun and stuck those bad boys right onto the bot­tom of my plank. It was like, bam — instant sta­bil­i­ty and a whole lot of charm. It’s wild how just a cou­ple of tweaks can turn some­thing so sim­ple into the star of your spring decor. Now it’s got all the East­er vibes and just stands up like a champ.

whitewashed pallet wood bunny diy

This fin­ished Spring craft is absolute­ly adorable! The use of soft pas­tel col­ors and play­ful pat­terns cap­tures the essence of Spring per­fect­ly. Its hand­made charm adds a per­son­al touch that makes it feel spe­cial and unique. Whether it’s set on a man­tle or used as a cen­ter­piece, it’s sure to be a delight­ful talk­ing point.

wood blank bunny Spring decor

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