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Top 5 Teacher Gifts Under 30 Dollars

Thank­ing teach­ers should be a giv­en and that’s why I round­ed up my Top 5 Teacher Gifts Under $30 from the Roost+Restore Home! 

My old­est start­ed school this last week, and on top of get­ting all the sup­plies on the back to school list, I want­ed to give his teacher a sweet gift––especially after this last year! ? 

Real­iz­ing that I did­n’t need to go far for a gift (Hel­lo! I own Roost+Restore Home!) I sourced my gift from the ware­house, keep­ing con­sci­en­tious on not break­ing the bank. With a lit­tle twine, cel­lo­phane, and a hand writ­ten note, we were pre­pared for the first day of school!

I fig­ured I was­n’t alone and want­ed to com­pile a list of my Top 5 Teacher Gifts Under $30 for all of you so you’re pre­pared whether it’s for a teacher, a home­school mama, Sun­day school teacher, or a gen­er­al gift to have on hand. 

If you’re feel­ing more cre­ative, try mak­ing this Sim­ple Back 2 School Sign I uploaded this week to the blog. 

My Top 5 Teacher Gifts Under $30:

1. Farm­house Fix­in’s Pan­cake Waf­fle Mixes

You could always gift a teacher an apple, but why not spruce it up a lit­tle? The Apple Cin­na­mon Pan­cake Mix (and But­ter­milk and Pump­kin Spice fla­vors) does just that! These mix­es are a great way to save your teacher time in the morn­ing won­der­ing what’s for break­fast. Small batch, and made in the USA, these mix­es fea­ture 1.5 lbs. of mix ready to make fluffy deli­cious­ness. Buy one for them, and buy one for you. 

2. Hot Tod­dy Vin­tage Inspired Candle

Top 5 Teacher Gifts Under 30 Dollars

Y’all have heard me talk about these Hot Tod­dy Vin­tage Inspired Can­dle’s before so of course I would include them in my top 5 teacher gifts list! Not only do these smell AH-MAZING––it has notes of hon­ey, lemon, and spice–– but they have a 60–80 hour burn time, per­fect for any one want­i­ng to unwind from a long day at work. Once they’re done burn­ing the can­dle, the vin­tage glass can be reused for a bev­er­age or hold­ing pens and pen­cils on their desk.

3. Farm­house Kitchen Soap

Top 5 Teacher Gifts Under 30 Dollars

My third pick for my Top 5 Teacher Gifts Under $30 is this stun­ning Farm­house Kitchen Soap! Who would­n’t want to be gift­ed soap after the year we just had?! Not only is it gen­tle on your hands and smells yum­my, but since this is a kitchen soap, it cuts stub­born grime and grease on dish­es, and cleans coun­ters. It’s a hefty 1lb. sized block that’s not only func­tion­al, but will pret­ty sit­ting next to the sink. Buy a few to have on hand for last minute gifts. 

4. Inspir­ing Signs

Who does­n’t need a lit­tle moti­va­tion? These inspir­ing signs are not only beau­ti­ful, but are the per­fect encour­ag­ing reminder through­out the day. I love that the white back­ing is a can­vas which adds a nice tex­ture and allows the say­ing in black to pop! If your teacher dec­o­rates their class­room with farm­house decor in mind, then these signs are per­fect! They come in four dif­fer­ent say­ings ready to pro­vide inspiration! 

5. Rus­tic Paper Scroll Holder

Top 5 Teacher Gifts Under 30 Dollars

Final­ly, my last pick of my Top 5 Teacher Gifts Under $30, is this beau­ti­ful Rus­tic Paper Scroll Hold­er! Teach­ers are always need­ing some­where to write things down, so why not make it pret­ty? I 100% love the wood (shock­er, right?) and how rus­tic it looks. It’s about 16″ wide, and comes with the kraft paper roll includ­ed. It’s per­fect for a teacher to hang behind their desk or at the front of the room. Grab one before they’re gone!

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