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Summer Porch Party at R+R Farms

We bought a farm! When I say we have wait­ed years for this that’s exact­ly what I mean. Since Josh and I first met we have been dream­ing of the day we would own our own farm and we had the chance to rev­el in that bless­ing recent­ly at our first ever Porch Par­ty at the new­ly intro­duced R+R Farms and future home of our retail store Roost + Restore Home!

This is some­thing brand new we are bring­ing to our small town of Fan­cy Farm, KY, and if we’re get­ting super tech­ni­cal, we are sit­u­at­ed on the cor­ner of 2 dead end roads in Dublin, KY. It’s lit­er­al­ly too small for a stop light, much less its own post office. Nonethe­less, our farm it sit­u­at­ed on approx­i­mate­ly 50 acres in the mid­dle of nowhere, just the way we like it.

We knew right after tak­ing own­er­ship of the farm that we want­ed to share it with the com­mu­ni­ty and we imme­di­ate­ly began plans for an event that would bring out the best our area has to offer. That is when we decid­ed to host our very first semi-annu­al Porch Par­ty event on June 25th. With 6 weeks to exe­cute and a slew of ideas run­ning through our heads we got to work plan­ning and coor­di­nat­ing an expe­ri­ence we knew would be amazing! 

After shar­ing the idea with my online com­mu­ni­ty the inter­est from ven­dors blew us away! We had over 50 appli­ca­tions for booth spots and we com­mit­ted to 30 amaz­ing mak­ers, small busi­ness own­ers and Amish bak­ers to set up at the event. (Below) I have list­ed a few (not all) of the ven­dors we had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to share out farm with!

summer porch party at R+R Farms

Gates opened at 9 am and our first vis­i­tor arrived at 8:30 am! I guess you could say the rest is his­to­ry but that real­ly would­n’t do the day jus­tice. Our des­ig­nat­ed park­ing area was over­flow­ing into the fields by 10:30 am and folks just kept com­ing! It was both hum­bling and excit­ing to see so many peo­ple take time out of their week­end, in the extreme heat for that mat­ter, to vis­it our lit­tle farm on the corner. 

No mar­ket is com­plete with­out yum­my food and sweet treats. Vis­i­tors were able to stay cool with fresh straw­ber­ry lemon­ade from Jones Farms Dessert Mar­ket, and iced cof­fee from Fron­tier Cof­fee! We also had mini driz­zle donuts from KC’s Donuts and fresh, made-to-order plate lunch­es from Jay’s Sand­wich­es and sides. It was the per­fect com­bi­na­tion of sweet and savory and all the food got rave reviews which we are so proud of!

summer porch party at R+R Farms


On Sat­ur­day, over 300 indi­vid­u­als vis­it­ed the new­ly intro­duced R+R Farms.
Roost + Restore Home was once a store locat­ed in the City of May­field, how­ev­er, once land became avail­able near their home own­er Kaycee Geed­ing saw her family’s dreams becom­ing a real­i­ty.
“Hav­ing a farm has been the dream we have always had for our fam­i­ly. When we saw the oppor­tu­ni­ty to buy the land adja­cent to our home we couldn’t resist the oppor­tu­ni­ty to build on our dream,” said Geed­ing.
The R+R Farms host­ed their first-ever Spring Porch Par­ty, which con­sist­ed of 29 ven­dors, from local arti­sans, food trucks, Amish baked goods, and more.
R+R Farms is a 50-plus acre fam­i­ly farm that will spe­cial­ize in agri­tourism, her­itage breed live­stock and com­mer­cial green­house grow­ing.
“Sat­ur­day was noth­ing short of incred­i­ble. We planned for 100, not know­ing what to expect. We tripled that,” said Geed­ing. “I nev­er would have imag­ined our lit­tle dead-end road in Dublin being so pop­u­lar. We met so many new folks and made con­nec­tions in the com­mu­ni­ty that we nev­er imag­ined.”
While Sat­ur­day held noth­ing but suc­cess for R+R Farms, there is still more to come as they con­tin­ue their growth. Cur­rent­ly, R+R Farms is plan­ning their Fall Porch Par­ty and con­tin­u­ing to ren­o­vate the barn that will become their retail and maker’s space. They will also begin host­ing a month­ly Make + Take Project that inter­twines with their cur­rent online busi­ness.
“We hope to become a des­ti­na­tion for locals and fam­i­lies through­out the sea­sons. Includ­ing but not lim­it­ed to u‑pick pump­kins, wild­flow­ers, live music, ani­mal encoun­ters, a lake, and even­tu­al­ly a pri­vate camp­ground,” said Geed­ing. “
Geed­ing would also like to see their new loca­tion become a mar­ket cen­ter for the thriv­ing Amish com­mu­ni­ty as well.
“They have some­thing incred­i­ble to offer the com­mu­ni­ty and being able to be their part­ner and have their goods in-store would be an amaz­ing oppor­tu­ni­ty for all. In the com­ing months we are look­ing to become an area provider for plants and oth­er sea­son­al veg­e­ta­tion as we grow into our space,” said Geed­ing. “I don’t have enough words to say how incred­i­ble our com­mu­ni­ty is. Thank you from the bot­tom of our hearts for show­ing up and enjoy­ing our lit­tle slice of heav­en. There is plen­ty more where that came from.”


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