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Repouring A Dough Bowl Candle

If you are new to Roost and Restore, wel­come! Around here we are all about dec­o­rat­ing our homes resource­ful­ly! In con­junc­tion with the DIY dec­o­rat­ing ideas I share with yall, I have have cre­at­ed a rus­tic home decor bou­tique called The Home­Goods Mar­ket where we sell unique home decor pieces, vin­tage and pret­ty much any­thing that encom­pass­es whole­some old fash­ioned living! 

That’s where this tuto­r­i­al comes in. Here on the blog today I am going to be shar­ing the sim­ple step by step process of repour­ing a dough bowl that can be pur­chased in our bou­tique! We now offer the repour kits so you can use that pret­ty dough bowl again and again!

Supplies for Repouring a Dough Bowl Candle

Preping your dough bowl

Begin by scrap­ing the left­over wax from the bot­tom and sides of your bowl with a spoon. Feel free to toss these chunks in a can­dle warmer or dis­card them. You will know when your can­dle is ready for repour when your wicks wont light any­more or the scent has dissipated. 

Next, heat up any remain­ing wax using a heat gun or hair dry­er, until all the remain­ing wax is liqui­fied, and wipe it clean with a paper towel.


Now that your dough bowl is nice and clean, you are ready for the repour­ing process. In your kit you will have 3 fresh new wicks and 3 wick stick­ers. Place a wick stick­er on the base of each wick and gen­tly set them in the bot­tom of your dough bowl. 

Make sure you have your wicks spaced where you want them before press­ing them firm­ly, secur­ing them to the bottom.

Once your wicks are placed you are ready to repour your can­dle.! This is where the mag­ic hap­pens! Start by plac­ing your 12 oz of wax, imclud­ed in your kit, into the microwave for 30 sec­onds. Take the con­tain­er out, stir and repeat until your wax has com­plete­ly melt­ed. You’re look­ing for a nice smooth con­sis­ten­cy like I pic­tured below.

DO NOT heat your wax for more than 30 sec­onds at a time, This will effect the over­all smell and can over­heat your wax and the bowl it is in. 

Once your wax is com­plete­ly melt­ed, slow­ly and gen­tly pour the wax into your dough bowl. I rec­om­mend doing this step from the side, rather than pour­ing direct­ly over the center.

You will notice the can­dle begin to set up and cool almost imme­di­ate­ly. Leave your wicks tall until your wax has had 24–48 hours pf dry time. 

It ire rec­om­mend­ed that you set your can­dle to the side, for 1–2 weeks for opti­mal scent throw. How­ev­er, it can be burned after 24–48 hours.

Y’all its that sim­ple! Repour­ing a dough bowl can­dle using our kits in a fun way to try your hand at can­dle pour­ing and it’s made super sim­ple with our kit! I encour­age you to sign up for our wait­list so you will be noti­fied when we release to scents and dough bowl shapes in the future!

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