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Before and After

Front Door Before and After

Freshening up the front of your home does not have to be complicated y’all! I tend to overthink projects that have to do with anything regarding the front of the house. For the longest time I have avoided this area of my house just because I simply did not know how to accomplish the look I wanted. I had tried for certain looks in the past and fell short of the vision. Now let me clarify, this is by-far not the final product for your door way but it’s a very good start! Lots of sunshine and warmer weather convinced me to get outdoors and tackle my ugly, hunter green door.

After lots of research (and Pinterest browsing) I decided to give it a go. I am having to work around the brown brick and vinyl siding for now. Eventually I’d love to have the entire exterior painted white…but this is what I had to work with for now. The biggest problem with alllll that brown is it just so darn dark. My front door literally just disappeared in the shadows. It was the furthest thing from welcoming.  

1. Paint can have a huge impact on your front door without breaking the bank….I mean sign me up! I stumbled across the color Rainwashed, by Sherwin Williams and I hear angelic music in the background. After many, many hours of Pinterest scrolling I just accidently found this color. It was perfect and all my other inspiration came quite easily once I decided on my color. I do recommend a semi-gloss, exterior paint for an exterior door. The paint goes on super thick and is made to stand up to wear and tear over time.

Sherwin Williams Paint

2. Add a Wreath! Nothing says “I’m pretty, look at me” like a beautiful wreath on your newly painted front door. 

3. Layer that rug baby! Throw a layering rug under your door mat. This is a good opportunity for added texture and prints. *affiliate

4. Foliage! This one is a no brainer. Add some seasonal foliage to your front door area. It is an easy way to fill in empty space and add a splash of color. If you’re like me and forget to water your plant babies a majority of the time, you may want to consider something pretty low-maintenance. I plan to add ferns because they are super low maintenance and add a good amount of green!

5. Textiles! Add a little throw pillow to your rocker or a flag in a pot just for a little something extra. I like to mix different elements like textiles, woods, clay, and concrete to create a beautiful, dynamic space. Everything should coordinate without being matchy-matchy.

Front Door Before | Dark green and blah
Front Door After | Bright, airy (unfinished, but still beautiful)

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  • Reply
    Missy Vernier
    at 12:26 PM

    I have also been trying to tackle my fromt door its a dark dreary brown right now. I have a red brick and tan siding and brown shutters, I’m not sure what colors would look good with that

    • Reply
      at 12:17 AM

      It sounds very similar to what I have! Any kind of color in the blue family. I prefer a robin egg type blue over teal or even a pale shade of yellow!

  • Reply
    at 2:21 AM

    Love the transformation! I have a question. I live in a 100 year old farmhouse. The house is white and shutters are rusty red. Can I introduce a pop of color to my front door?

    • Reply
      at 2:26 AM

      Oh yes! A nice deep yellow possibly.

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