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Easy Picture Frame Using Paint Sticks

Let me just start by say­ing this project is soooo sim­ple. But do not, I repeat, do not let the sim­plic­i­ty of some­thing fool you. This lit­tle frame packs a pret­ty big punch in the shelf sit­ting are­na. It all start­ed with a craft cart full of ran­dom­ness and a han­kerin to mae some­thing with my hands and..whala! Here is how you can recre­ate your very own!

Start with some basic sup­plies, a glue gun, some quart size paint stir sticks or (even some lit­tle shims would work too) the back of an old pic­ture frame with the “leg” thingy attached, paint, paint­brush­es ect…you get the idea.

Start by lay­ing out your paint sticks just to get a feel for the size of fram you wish to cre­ate. The size will most­ly depend on the back of the frame you have.

Once you have decid­ed on size, sim­ply cut off the round­ed ends (or don’t, it’s up to you) of the sticks. Don’t stress about mak­ing the exact­ly the same length; a ball park length will do. The slight vari­a­tions will give yolur lit­tle cre­ation a bit of char­ac­ter any­way.

Once your sticks are nice and trimmed up, attach your frame back to the sticks, like so.

When you flip it over your frame should be one nice lit­tle unit. Isn’t this just too cute already! Just wait…it gets bet­ter!

This next step is com­plete­ly up to you and your style. Paint and adorn to your lik­ing. For me per­son­al­ly I paint­ed mine sol­id white, dis­tressed with sand­pa­per and wrapped jute around the top to hold my image. Now I can tuck my image with­in the jute or attach with a tiny clip!

Just look at this per­fect lit­tle cre­ation! It makes a great addi­tion to a tiered tray and can eas­i­ly be changed out for dif­fer­ent sea­son and hol­i­days!


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