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Easy Picture Frame Using Paint Sticks

Let me just start by saying this project is soooo simple. But do not, I repeat, do not let the simplicity of something fool you. This little frame packs a pretty big punch in the shelf sitting arena. It all started with a craft cart full of randomness and a hankerin to mae something with my hands and..whala! Here is how you can recreate your very own!

Start with some basic supplies, a glue gun, some quart size paint stir sticks or (even some little shims would work too) the back of an old picture frame with the “leg” thingy attached, paint, paintbrushes ect…you get the idea.

Start by laying out your paint sticks just to get a feel for the size of fram you wish to create. The size will mostly depend on the back of the frame you have.

Once you have decided on size, simply cut off the rounded ends (or don’t, it’s up to you) of the sticks. Don’t stress about making the exactly the same length; a ball park length will do. The slight variations will give yolur little creation a bit of character anyway.

Once your sticks are nice and trimmed up, attach your frame back to the sticks, like so.

When you flip it over your frame should be one nice little unit. Isn’t this just too cute already! Just wait…it gets better!

This next step is completely up to you and your style. Paint and adorn to your liking. For me personally I painted mine solid white, distressed with sandpaper and wrapped jute around the top to hold my image. Now I can tuck my image within the jute or attach with a tiny clip!

Just look at this perfect little creation! It makes a great addition to a tiered tray and can easily be changed out for different season and holidays!


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