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Easy Christmas Ornament Using Scrap Fabric

I have been making the heck out of some Christmas ornaments lately. I am looking for any and every way to add something cute to my tree and it’s new theme without breaking the bank. Making ornaments has never really somehting I have been too passionate about until now simply because I typically like to my tree to be perfectly styled and “themed”. Nonetheless, all of the homemade ornaments are staring to grow on me. This tree in particular is taking on a more modern, neutral vibe without sacrificing that little something special. This ornament is super easy, cheap and adds just a little touch of character to my tree. The best part is, it can be easiyly modified to fit right in with your own personal theme.

I started with some scrap fabric, from an old thrifted scarf, styrofoam ball, jute, ribbon, wood beads and of course, hot glue.

Start by cutting your fabric into strips. Mine were about 2-3 inches in width. You could opt to use one full peice of fabric for this step but I liked the idea of having raw edges all the way around the ball.

Then, start wrapping your strips around your styrofoam ball, gathering at the top. I tacked mine with hot glue and set it aside to begin the next step.

Next, tie the loose ends of your jute in a knot and thread your beads onto the jute, alternating between beads and knots.

Simply “untack” your glue and hot glue the end of your jute into the center folds of the ball/fabric.

Tie off the top with cute ribbon of your choice. I chose the white and black buffalo check to match my tree theme. It has the perfect blend of rustic charm and glistening snow! This is a brand new theme for me this year!

And, wha-lah…a fun and adorable ornament to add to your tree! This would be so cute done in multicolor or any Christmas colors for that matter! Just use what make your heart happy!

Personally, I love how basic and simple this ornament was to make. Once you add it to your tree it is anything but basic! I am in love! How about you?



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