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Don’t Give Up Mama

Sometimes we can learn so much from our kids. We spend so much time teaching them the ins and outs of life we sometimes don’t even realize how much they are actually soaking in. Tonight, my oldest son achieved a big goal that he has been working toward for nearly eight months now.

Last September we enrolled him in American ninja warrior training and we knew immediately that he had found his niche. He had played on other team sports and enjoyed them, but nothing compared to his confidence and happiness while at ninja training. There are obstacles that only he can work to conquer, not as part of a team, jut him. Tonight he “beat the wall”.

If you’re familiar with the series on NBC its usually the last and most daunting obstacle the ninjas face. For eight months, until tonight he has tried and failed hundreds of times. Did he get discouraged…absolutely but he did not quit. I don’t think the word “quit” ever came out of his mouth. Tonight, I saw a spark lit in his little soul to never give up and to keep pushing through the hard times. At the end of each class he always had to have one more run before we finally drug him out of the gym and to the car. He always felt as though his victory could be just one more attempt away from being his forever.

After all his tears, and sweat, and near victories he finally reached the edge and climbed to the top! Where he then got to leave his permanent mark (his cute little squiggly signature) for the rest of the world to see. He got his sweet victory because he never accepted failure as an option.

Tonight, in that moment I thought, wow! He is four and understands this concept better than I do! It humbled me a bit really. There are so many times I have tried, failed and wanted to give up or just totally quit all together. As mama’s it so easy to want to step in and fight those battles for our babies, but if we do what are they actually learning? My point is those kiddos will learn from failure whether yours, or their own. If we don’t allow them to fail then we can not expect them to spread their wings. You see failure and struggle doesn’t always have to be bad. In fact, without struggle there can be no growth. Our babies will see us struggle and with their innocent intuitiveness will come over and wipe your tears. What is more important is that they see you not giving up.

They see you mama, they are soaking in more than you realize.

They see you working your job day in and day out, come home help with homework, do baths and dinner only to finally “relax” and clean up the house after everyone had gone to bed. They see you. They are learning from you even when you feel like giving up. Be that role model. I can remember growing up, in a broken home having a single mom raising me with two other younger siblings. She struggled. A lot. But my goodness that woman never gave up. No our childhood wasn’t perfect and though I didn’t understand it then I know now how badly it must have hurt her heart when she couldn’t give us the things typical kids ask for. We saw the struggle as kids…and you know what…that okay! In fact, I am happy for the example my mom set for her family. Her struggles and victories helped me to understand that life isn’t always sunshine and roses and sometimes you just gotta suck it up and keep pushing. One day…one day you will hit your break through like my Linc did. All that work will pay off and you WILL have your victory.

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    Missy Vernier
    at 12:22 PM

    Thank you for sharing this!! It brought tears to my eyes 🥰. I’m so excited to read all your blogs your going to do great things

    • Reply
      at 12:17 AM

      You are always so supportive. I really appreciate you!

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    Linda King
    at 12:16 AM

    Lovely website (blog). You are doing a great job.

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      at 2:26 AM

      Thank you Linda!

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