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Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Can I confess something to y’all? I am afraid of color….yes color. Now let me clarify, I’m not like shakin’ in my boots, biting my fingernails (yes I do that, I need to quit) kind of afraid. I’m more of a pick up five different colorful paint swatches and putting them all back, kind of afraid. Does that make any sense? My odd, standoffish relationship with color stared about 6 years ago when me and my husband were newlyweds renovating our first home. This was the first place I felt like I could really let me creativity shine, and boyyy did I! I won’t go into all the details now in this post but let’s just say when all was said and done, I had all the colors of the rainbow in that house. No joke!

We had spent sooo much time and money on picking the perfect paint for each room, finding the best flooring, light fixtures ect. Everything should have been perfect but for some reason each time I would stand back to admire all our hard work, I hated it. It was not at all what I wanted. Each room had its own very different vibe and none of them meshed well together. Individually and in much smaller quantities each color was great but it was not me and I was stuck with it. We were invested and most would say ok just repaint it, but let me remind you we were newlyweds on a very tight budget. I was stuck looking at a sunny yellow kitchen, bright blue living room and tangerine orange stairway.

What. Was. I. Thinking? Now y’all let me tell ya, I was traumatized! I had no clue what I was doing or where I was headed with all those colors but I sure was confident in my decision at that moment. I truly did not even know what I wanted I just grabbed a color that I thought was decent and went with it. Now there is nothing wrong with color I am just not very keen on implementing a ton of it in my décor.

Over time I have learned more about myself and my decorating style that maybe I would not have learned any other way. I am still learning how to implement my style, but the point is I found it. It may have taken me a lot of mess ups and heartache to discover my own decorating identity and I still makes choices for some of the spaces in my home that I end up questioning later….but that’s totally okay.

Sometimes the only way to learn something about yourself is to throw yourself in the thick of it, get your hands dirty and then step back and reflect.

It’s okay to hate it and want to take a different route. Lucky for us the color can always be changed and made better, its only paint!

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