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DIY Recipe Card Holder

I pretty much always have scrap wood laying around. I just can’t seem to throw out the cute little end pieces that everyone seems to think are useless. This beautiful recipe card holder seemed like the perfect fit for my long forgotten little pile of lumber

Supplies Needed:

  • Scrap wood pieces of various sizes-see images
  • Wooden plaque
  • Clothes pin
  • Hot glue
  • Paint
  • Antiquing glaze

Start by assembling the base of the stand. You can skip this step by using a wooden candlestick. My purpose of this project was to use what I had around the house so this is what my stand looked like. I used a circle plaque from Michael’s Craft Store and a small little rectangle.

You can replace this with a cute spindle or candlestick

Next, using your hot glue assemble the top part of your stand.

Then, we paint! Nothing complicated here, just pick your favorite color and go to town! It doesn’t have to perfect, because of the antiquing technique I used next.

I absolutely adore the look of and antiqued piece. Fortunately we have the luxury of making thins appear old than they are with this awesome stuff. For this project I used Valspar’s Antiquing Glaze.

I’ve literally had this same can for about 5 years. It goes a loooong way!

Normally I don’t recommend applying glaze while the paint is still wet. Ideally it’s applied to dry paint in small areas and worked into the design slowly. To be honest I was doing this project on a Facebook live and had to think in my feet. I realized the paint was not gonna be dry by the time we were ready for this step so I just went with it! Honestly it ended up being wayyy easier to work in and create the look I wanted. I can’t totally rule out using the “wet distress” technique in the future because I’m thinking we may be on to something good here.

An up close view of the wet distressing of the wood

At this point you can either be finished with the look of the stand and can move on to the next step, Feel free to take your distressing a step further by sanding the edges. It’s totally up to you and your creativity!

Once you’re satisfied with your distressing it’s time to attach your clothes pin to the top of your stand.

I chose to garnish my pin with some buffalo check of course.

Finally, you’re ready for your recipe, picture, word of encouragement… you name it! That’s what I love about this piece is that it’s seriously that easy and versatile.

How precious is this?

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