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DIY Paper Scroll Wall Decor

I recently painted a wall in our living room and I have been trying to decide how to style it. I completed the first element for the wall today. A DIY brown paper scroll. You can buy hand lettered scrolls off Etsy but the size I needed was a bit pricey. Making one this way will cost much less!


I started with a roll of brown craft paper from the dollar store and vinyl cutouts I created using my Cricut. I have had this machine for over a year and really havent played around with it much, so I am no expert. This post is most beneficial to those with a baseline knowledge of Cricut use but if not, there are alternate ways of getting your words on the paper through stenciling and transfers. Just do what works best for you.


I decided for sizing and spacing it would be best that I lay the paper out on the floor. My tiles lines actually served as gridlines so that was a win. The words are approximately 6 inches tall for referece.

Remove the protective backing and press your words into place. Then slowly start peeling your transfer tape off the front of your words. This step was tricky for me. I think it may have been due to the Strong Grip tranfer tape I was using. It was suuuuper stuck to the vinyl letter so it took ome finesse to make them stick. I recommend a standard grip for this project. I linked it above in the supply list.

On a side note if you know of any hacks to help with the transfer tape removal please share!

Repeat the slow, peeling process until all your words are in place. Once that is finished simply roll your ends inward and tack with hot glue. Using jute twine, thread a heanger through the top roll and you’re ready for hanging.

This is the space where I will display this piece, however, it isn’t completely finished. I plan to layer two old windows beaneath the scroll and style an old chippy dresser I bought from my friend Chasida over at Custom Southern Co. I will share that reveal once I am able to get it styled. Our state is still on lockdown due to the global pandemic, once that’s over I will bring her home…for now I can only dream… I’m sure Im not the only one ready to do some shopping, am I right?

For now, I love that this spot is no longer empty!

Are you thinking of empty walls you can fill?


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