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DIY Farmhouse Riser from an Old Drawer

I can’t get over how beau­ti­ful this DIY farm­house ris­er from an old draw­er turned out. I was gift­ed a cou­ple of the cute lit­tle draw­ers, we think came from an old sewing machine but I can’t say for sure, and I have held on to them, know­ing one day I would use them for some­thing amazing!

That day has come. This is not a step-by-step tuto­r­i­al but it was record­ed via Face­book Live and you can watch the record­ing below. Or read on and I will give you a brief syn­op­sis of the process. It was real­ly quite simple.

diy tray using old drawer

If you wan­na make one of these for your­self, I have a few links that may help you out. Here is the sup­ply list I used.


The process was so so easy, which you saw if you watched the video. But I will explain it here. I sim­ply flipped the draw­er over, bot­tom up and hot glued the knobs to the bot­tom to cre­ate feet.

Then, I wiped down s few ran­dom spots with vase­line, to keep the paint from stick­ing, and paint­ed the entire tray. Once dry, I wiped away the areas where I had applied the vase­line, reveal­ing the wood col­or beneath. This lit­tle trick gives your pieces an authen­ti­cal­ly chip­py look in minutes.

Seri­ous­ly, it was that sim­ple. You could even skip the vase­line step if you want­ed to and it would make it that much more sim­ple! Or sub­sti­tute it for some light dis­tress­ing with some sand­pa­per, which I also did.

old drawer DIY tray

Next, came the styling of my brand new DIY farm­house ris­er. I used some of my favorite pieces from my BRAND NEW HOME DECOR BOUTIQUE called the Home­Goods Mar­ket by Roost + Restore!

easy diy drawer with spring vignette

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  • Ivory
    at 5:01 PM

    You keep won­der­ful­ly amaz­ing me. Thank you for this fan­tas­tic diy that I will be adding to my TTD LIST

  • Kelli Oglesby
    at 11:16 AM

    Such a clever way to upcy­cle an old draw­er! Thank you for your inspi­ra­tion! Love your crafts and the fact that you share with us all!!♥️

  • Robin Wood
    at 1:53 PM

    I love this DIY but real­ly it’s hard to pick my favorite because they’re all so good! Try­ing to find the right old draw­er now ❤️

  • Tami
    at 9:12 PM

    Always so cre­ative. I love all ur ideas. This one is so good!