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3 Vintage Looks for a Garden Terrarium

Gar­den ter­rar­i­ums are super pop­u­lar in vin­tage dec­o­rat­ing right now! We recent­ly made this Chip­py Gar­den Ter­rar­i­um in our DIY Decor mem­ber­ship and I am still reel­ing over the authen­tic­i­ty of the chip­py paint lay­ers and the ver­sa­til­i­ty of this DIY! There are so many ways they can be styled but I going to keep it sim­ple and show you 3 dif­fer­ent vari­a­tions for styling. 


I don’t want to over­com­pli­cate the looks so they can be eas­i­ly recre­at­ed and feel doable for every­one look­ing to achieve a sim­i­lar vin­tage look in their home. This super sim­ple look requires a bit of green and a vin­tage Bin­go card or even an old black and white pho­to! I am using a 12″ half sphere from Roost and Restore Home. I love half spheres because of their effort­less styling and end­less possibility!

diy chippy garden terrarium


For some­thing a lit­tle more sim­ple, just add a stack of old books! I keep old books around my home and I am con­stant­ly mov­ing them around for dif­fer­ent group­ing and height in my decor. If dec­o­rat­ing with old books is your jam you will want to check out these oth­er amaz­ing dec­o­rat­ing ideas using old books, here.

vintage inspired garden terrarium


This last look com­bines the two looks above and ties them togeth­er with old spin­dles and a bead­ed gar­land. This is more of a com­plete vignette styling that would look amaz­ing on a tray on your entry way table or in the cor­ner of your kitchen counters! 

vintage decor ideas


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