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10 Rustic Fall Scrap Wood Projects

Lit­er­al­ly Pin­ter­est is chocked full of Fall Scrap Wood Projects right now. And not just Fall, but there are so many amaz­ing scrap wood projects for your rus­tic home decor. One of my favorite things to do is to take a piece of scrap, des­tined for the garbage, and turn it into some­thing beau­ti­ful and use­ful for my home.

But here is my con­fes­sion. I used to let all of those glo­ri­ous ideas stack high­er and high­er in my Pin­ter­est boards with­out any real inten­tion of drag­ging out my saw and tools. By the time I actu­al­ly find the time to get to it my excite­ment for the project has usu­al­ly fad­ed and I move on to oth­er ideas in my feed. It was a con­tin­u­ous cycle. 

Is this you too? You see, my fear is that in a cul­ture full of instant grat­i­fi­ca­tion is that we will for­get what it is like to actu­al­ly get our hands dirty and actu­al­ly CREATE the project. That is why I cre­at­ed the SCRAP WOOD PROJECT BOX to help peo­ple become more than just pin­ners, but to help them become cre­ators who have easy access to the projects that want to make for their homes. No need to buy the tools or go hunt­ing for the per­fect shapes at the dol­lar store. Instead, have the wood sent right to your door. 

The Scrap Wood Project Box is a curat­ed col­lec­tion of 3 or more scrap wood projects that can be pur­chased as a sub­scrip­tion. This box is shipped direct­ly to your door each month along with easy instruc­tions, inspi­ra­tion and some­times a fun sur­prise to help you in your cre­at­ing. The projects are designed to be easy to assem­ble with min­i­mal skill and are often inspired by some of the trendi­est wood projects on Pin­ter­est. Sound fun? CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WAIT LIST for the next open cart. 

halloween scrap wood spooky family with black cat, ghost and pumpkin

reclaimed wood pumpkin with stem and wire

ship lap scrap wood sign with pumpkin painting

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