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10 Minute DIY Herb Sign Using a Soap Bottle

So we have these cutest lit­tle castile soaps in store. They come in the cutest lit­tle glass amber bot­tles and I sim­ply could not bring myself to throw it away. So what does a crafter do? She makes some­thing of course! I can not wait to show you how this 10 Minute DIY Herb Sign turned out! 

To start, I had this lit­tle Dol­lar Tree sign from my recent haul and thought it would be the per­fect plat­form for mount­ing the amber bot­tle. I did­n’t love the orig­i­nal art­work but for the cute shape and price it could­n’t be beat.

First things first, I removed the orig­i­nal hang­er and sat it aside to thread beads on for lat­er use. Then I gave it a quick coat of white chalk paint. I am a firm believ­er that paint can change pret­ty much anything!

dollar tree sign makeover

The next step of the process includ­ed a lit­tle bit of sten­cil­ing, hand let­ter­ing (and I use that term very loose­ly) and a whole lot of distressing.

dollar tree sign makeover


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I decid­ed it need­ed anoth­er lit­tle sten­cil to com­plete the look I was going for here. Imag­ine a cute lit­tle Farmer’s Mar­ket sign…that’s what were going for. After Sten­cil­ing and dis­tress­ing I attached the fore­men­tioned soap bot­tle to the sign using a com­bi­na­tion of Tite­bond and hot glue.

dollar tree sign makeover

I topped of this lit­tle beau­ty with thread­ed beads on the orig­i­nal hang­ing string, some faux rose­mary stem from Roost and Restore Home and the cutest lit­tle rib­bon and raf­fia bow you ever did see!

dollar tree sign makeover

Is this not the grand­est lit­tle trans­for­ma­tion? Not to men­tion, how stink­ing easy was that? Lit­er­al­ly a project that you could com­plete from start to fin­ish in 10 minutes.

dollar tree sign makeover

I don’t know about you but now I am ready for mar­ket sea­son. Craft fairs, veg­gies stands, lemon­ade carts…all of it! It’s fun to think that all of these emo­tions can be stirred by one lit­tle project!

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dollar tree sign makeover

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